Algae Bloom - Important

From Peggy Sansone (Environmental Chair LJHA) --
I would advise residents and their pets to avoid all contact with the water. We will test for cyanobacteria algae. The primary source of the algae outbreak is polluted water backing into Lake James from the city owned Cedar Hill Canal which is blocked at the Indian River culvert. We are waiting to hear what relief the Virginia Beach city officials will offer. Residents also need to do their part to be good stewards of the lake and do not fertilize within 20 feet of the lake, scoop the poop in their yards, sweep the gutters and chase away the water fowl.

Blue-green algae

IMG 3341
Please see the attached document. There is some confusion with regard to the blue green algae that is floating in the lake. The pictures show the actual algae — it looks like an oily spill of turquoise paint. This is not the “treatment” product. Once sprayed, the product binds to the algae and the algae is supposed to sink to the bottom.
LJHA Blue-green algae.pdf

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