Signage on Community Common Areas is Prohibited

Author: Madge Stampe - Published 2020-09-10 16:20 - (0 Reads)

Please do not place signage for Open Houses, Private Garage Sales or Work related signs at the Lake James Entrance Marquees. This is community common area property and signs detract from the appearance of our neighborhood. Signage will be removed is placed in these areas.

Please Protect Our Lake

Author: Bruce L. Van Buren - Published 2010-12-02 02:53 - (2975 Reads)

Residents can help protect the quality of our lake by following these simple "Best Practices"!

Regulations regarding Maintaining your Property in Lake James

Author: Stampe.Madge - Published 2010-04-24 01:44 - (1882 Reads)

The following is a letter sent to LJ Homeowner's in July 2006 regarding Covenants, Architectural Committee duties and homeowner responsibility in maintaining property standards in accordance with Covenants and LJ Rules and Regulations.

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