Lake Water Quality

Our Environmental Committee has been informed by Solitude Lake Management that their test results show high levels of fecal contamination at the Lake James Beach and algae growth in the lake. We need Lake James residents to step up and volunteer when a call goes out for lake treatment. It should not be the burden of just a few. We all enjoy the lake. If the lake becomes toxic from algae and ecoli outbreaks, we lose the recreational use of our lake and our property values are affected. Everyone needs to help in some way, by either volunteering, being a good water steward by using little or no lawn products, scoop the poop, keep your street gutters free of yard debris. All of these efforts reduce the amount of pollutants that flow down the storm drain and into the lake and create nutrients that algae feed on.

Lake James has been selected to participate in a new city lake management program. It is a match program where the city pays 50% of the cost to treat private HOA lakes and the HOA pays the other 50%. Professional lake management companies will visit Lake James to examine our water problems and make recommendations for treatment and costs.

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