Homeowner's meetings are currently being held virtually via Zoom. The schedule and link are posted on the Lake James Facebook page. Future dates for 2020-2021 are:
October 26 , November 16, December 14, January 25, Annual Meeting is February 9, March 22, April 26, May 24 and June 14.
An announcement will be made when the meetings will resume in person.


We presently have several homeowners with HOA dues in arrears. During the next two months (se delinquent homeowners will receive letters informing of our collection procedures which include a Due Process hearing and Court proceedings.

If payment is not complete after letters are received homeowner will be required to appear for a Due Process hearing. If payment is not then paid, the HOA will file court action for payment and take further action including garnishment of wages or checking/savings accounts as necessary. In addition to dues and late fees, the homeowner will be responsible for any legal fees and court costs.

Payment can be made to Paula Smith, the Lake James HOA Treasurer by credit card as well.

Information required to process a card payment is:
Name on card
Card number
Expiration date
CVV code
Billing zip code
Alternatively, the homeowner can contact her directly at 266-1838 or r2dk@verizon.net and arrange to stop by so I can swipe their card in person. The total is $251.10 including late charge and card processing fee.

Homeowner's Meetings during Covid 19:

Homeowner's meetings are currently being held virtually via Zoom. The schedule and link are posted on the Lake James Facebook page.

City of Virginia Beach Stormwater Drains

Important information under Newsletters

Lake James Water Quality Reports

Available under Newsletters.


View 2020 Budget Info

Log in and go to the Private Tab under LJHA Only Information

Owners renting their property - Notice and Documents to be Returned to LJHA by Owner/Property Manager

LJHA Rental Policy Letter.pdf
Landlord and Tenant Information Form.doc

Architecture Rules & Regulations - Effective January 1, 2017

The 2017 Architecture Rules and Regulations are available for download and review. They are effective 1 January 2017. All LJHA owners and residents are required to comply as delineated in the document.
LJHA Architectural Rules and Regulations - 2017.pdf

SeeClickFix: Potholes, street lights, other issues.

Get it done!!! http://seeclickfix.com/virginia-beach/report

Streetlight Out?

Call 757-385-1470 and provide the plate number on the pole. Or use www.seeclickfix.com

House Numbers are required

Many homes are still not in compliance — do this for your safety!!! Please make sure your house number is attached to your house. The house number must be identified for health/safety issues (for first responders). The house numbers displayed on the curb and/or mailbox do not meet city code. The address must be attached to the house. David Ackerman (VB City Code Enforcement) will be checking for infractions.

LJHA Guidelines for Complaint Resolution

Guidelines: Resolution Guidelines_LJHA.pdf
Complaint Form: LJHA_Complaint_Form-1.pdf

Lake James Security Assessment

Assessment: Lake James Assessment.pdf

Lake James Environmental Committee Annual Report - NEW!!!

March 2106: Environmental _ March2016.pdf
June 2014: Lake James Environment Report June 2014.pdf
Click here to download: Lake James Environmental Committee Annual Report 20132.pdf


The leaves from autumn and the pollen of spring both contribute to lake algae. The bio-growth that makes its way to the street, drains into the storm drains and directly into our lake. This promotes algae; please take just a few minutes and help preserve our lake. Each treament that we can avoid saves our Community expensive treatment costs.


If you are interested in participating in our Lake James Garden Club contact Madge Stampe at mstampe@verizon.net or 420-3145.


If you have guests fishing in our private lake, one of the residents must be in the boat too. Fishermen who do not live here have been trespassing onto our lake - they do not pay for the lake clean-up, treatment, nor for our insurance premiums. Make sure your guests and you comply with the lake rules. If you park at the boat ramps, make sure your vehicle and trailer have a LJ bumper sticker. Need another sticker?...call Lar Stampe at 420-3145 and he will get you one.