Common Area and Lake Rules & Regulations

  1. All facilities are open only to Lake James residents and guests accompanied by a resident.
  2. Residents, guests and their families shall be responsible for their own safety when using the recreational facilities.
  3. Life vests should be worn at all times while boating in the lake.
  4. No motorized craft shall be allowed in the lake (electric motors are allowed)
  5. Boats shall be launched and removed from the lake at the launching ramp only, unless from a private residence.
  6. Pets are not allowed in the recreation areas unless under control of the owner---no pets allowed to swim in the beach area. Pets may swim at the boaters beach only.
  7. The playgrounds are for children under 12 years of age only. Parents are responsible for their children while at the playground.
  8. Each resident is expected to remove his own trash and debris when leaving the recreation areas.
  9. No alcoholic beverages and no glass containers of any type are permitted in the recreation areas.
  10. No residents may use the recreation facilities during such time as their Association dues are in arrears.
  11. Recreation facilities and the lake shall be closed from sunset to sunrise, except for walkers or joggers.
  12. People walking through the park do not need their security tags, but people using the park, picnic tables, swimming, or boating need to have their tags. Guests are allowed as long as they have their resident sponsor (with tag) with them.
  13. Basketball courts must be shared; no full court playing when others are waiting to play.
  14. Hitting golf balls into the lake or around the community common areas is not permitted.


More will be added to the site - see your home owners packet.