There has been a recent decline in the upkeep of many homes in our Community. It seems as if many residents are either unaware of our Rules and Regulations or are ignoring them. This hurts the appearance and appeal of Lake James as well as the property values.

For instance: trash and recycle cans are to be placed out of sight from the street, either behind some type of barrier or in the garage; no boats or trailers in driveways, no overgrown landscaping and consistent mowing and edging of grass. The complete Rules and Regulations are posted on this website for your review. Please review them and adhere to them.

If you are an absentee property owner who rents your resident you are still responsible for the upkeep of your property. Many renters are unaware of any Covenants and Restrictions or Rules and Regulations. This should be provided to your renters as part of their rental package.

Let's make Lake James look like the jewel of a community it is.